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Question: How do I leave a gift to a nonprofit organization whose work I admire?

You can arrange for a gift in several ways, the most common of which are through a charitable gift in your will or through a living trust. Many people choose to set aside a specific dollar amount. Others will leave a percentage of their estate or any assets left over after providing for their family. Some people donate property - such as a car or a home. Others leave a paid up life insurance policy, retirement account or other financial investment.

Question: Must I have an estate in order to Leave A Legacy®?

Anyone can leave a gift. "Estate" is a word used to describe any money, property or personal belongings that you may have at the time of your death. Many people leave an estate when they die, even though they may not have a great deal of wealth. Many gifts are less than $1000.

Question: Do I have to tell the charity that I have left a gift?

That's up to you. Many charities like to know in advance so that they can recognize your generosity. They can also tell you about specific opportunities to direct your giving.